Dr. Erika actively appears as a physician consultant on television and online media. Dual board certified in both osteopathic and allopathic family medicine, she believes in integrating traditional and holistic medicine.

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"Painful periods can be caused by several medical conditions, and adenomyosis often will present by patients complaining of painful menstruation; however, some patients who have adenomyosis may not
experience any symptoms at all." (for FemHealth, 2021)


"A lot of patients, and it's understandable, don't want to leave their house right now," she said. "The pandemic is scary - as a doctor, I'm afraid sometimes, and I want to be real about it, because it's OK to seek help in the comfort of your home." (for KTVB7, 2021)

"Why can’t physicians be allowed to be human, too? Why can’t we be encouraged to show our humor, our expressiveness, our unique interests, or certain aspects of our social lives? Some of my most valuable patient interactions had happened when I did exactly that..." (for KevinMD, 2021)

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traditional & holistic

She is dual board certified in both osteopathic and allopathic family medicine, which developed her philosophy of integrating traditional and holistic medicine.


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As a woman herself, Dr. Erika knows firsthand the health situations that only women experience.  She believes that when women practice intentional optimism and elevate and support one-another, female empowerment is unstoppable.


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Dr. Erika's joy is making health education fun, engaging, and down-to-earth so that audiences can't help but smile and feel like they're with a best friend catching up over brunch. 


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- Katie

"Dr. Erika changed my life! I've never had a doctor talk to me the way she did. She was so personable and explained things that just made sense. I've never had a doctor talk to me the way she did, or take their time to listen to me like that. I felt like she was really engaged and wanted the best for me, and I am beyond grateful she's my doctor! There is a reason so many people love her!"

there is a reason so many people love her!

- stevie

"Dr. Erika is my favorite doctor to follow online! When I saw her on tv, I literally ran to the screen to snap a picture and texted my friend to watch. She's a real person, and it is fun to see a doctor who has a personality and posts things that are so true to my own life. I love her blogs and the real-life emotions she talks about."

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- Summer

"Dr. Erika is so much more than a doctor--she celebrates women empowering other women and supports us coming together. I introduced her to a female empowerment and charitable organization, and she immediately contacted them, bought and wore their product and promoted it on her own social media. She lives her passion and doesn't just talk about it, and I think that says a lot about who she is."

dr. erika is so much more thAn a doctor

Dr. Erika has an extensive background in writing, beginning with earning her bachelor of arts degree in English. She published a book of medical poetry, A Certain Innocence, prior to attending medical school and has been featured in print in news media and medical journals, as well as having her work published in multiple online medical platforms. She actively writes medical articles for online companies, as well as publishes personal exploratory writing through the eyes of a female physician. Her most recent works can be found on KevinMD, Doctorpedia, Medscape, FemHealth Project, and The DO.

Dr. Erika’s expertise in creating enjoyable and relatable medical advice for the public led to her involvement in recurrent appearances as a physician consultant for television news and producing social media video content for medical companies. She additionally has appeared as a guest speaker for conferences on women’s health and family medicine and continues to welcome opportunities in social media, television media, medical writing and guest speaking. 

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Topics I Speak On:

Women's Health 

prenatal care, contraception, breast health, genitourinary conditions, menopause, hormone therapy, osteoporosis

Preventive Healthcare

wellness examinations, lifestyle medicine with healthy diet and exercise advice, recommended screenings such as mammograms, pap smears, bone density tests and colonoscopies

General Medicine

skin conditions, mental health, musculoskeletal conditions, osteopathic manipulative medicine

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