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Dr. ehr-keedah deh-rowen is a triple board certified physician, specializing in Family, Lifestyle, and Diversity Medicine and works to help patients live the life that they were intended to live by advocating for wellness and healthcare equity. She specializes in crafting conversations that address a variety of topics ranging from workplace leadership, self-empowerment, health equity […]

Dr. Erkeda DeRouen

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Dr. Yara Demo is a physician who is board certified in neurology, clinical neurophysiology, and epilepsy. She is a full-time academic neurologist in Chicago, where she is an assistant professor. She is also a certified Life Coach and is currently completing additional coaching training as a leadership coach through Northwestern University. She uses her unique combined […]

Dr. Yara Demo

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As a Marriage Family Therapist specializing in attachment-based therapy, Susan is passionate about providing therapy for individuals and couples to help repair, reconnect and rejuvenate their relationships. Her degrees include a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Social Action in addition to holding a Masters of Art in Counseling Psychology.  Susan’s specialty is working with high-conflict […]

Susan Pennington

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Dr. Heather Awad is a board-certified family medicine physician. She was born and raised in Michigan and attended Carleton College in Minnesota. She graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School and completed her Family Medicine Residency at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, St. Margaret’s Hospital. In addition to practicing family medicine, she coaches […]

Dr. Heather Awad

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Dr. Olga Lemberg is a board-certified Pediatrician based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the founder of Fabled, medical apparel brand that launched in 2017 and strives to uplift women in medicine through elevated and empowering workwear designs. Dr. Lemberg came to the realization that existing medical uniforms weren’t serving the needs of […]

Dr. Olga Lemberg

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Kaitlin Walsh is an independent artist specializing in abstract anatomical paintings. Froma young age, she exhibited a fascination with both art and medicine. She focused her studies onboth disciplines, eventually receiving a graduate degree in Biomedical Visualization at theUniversity of Illinois at Chicago, where she took a combination of fine art and med schoolcourses. Soon […]

Kaitlin Walsh

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Dr. Cindy Tsai is a board-certified internal medicine physician, mindfulness teacher and life coach who wants to help you live your best life, on your terms! She is passionate about coaching high-achieving women to believe in themselves and prioritize self-care to live with ease and joy. She was a shy, introverted perfectionist who wanted to […]

Dr. Cindy Tsai

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Megan Bull received her B.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry with a minor in Technology Management from the University of California, Davis. After her graduation, she moved to San Francisco to begin her career in research in the sector of rare disease pharmaceuticals. Shortly after, she became a victim of the Gilroy Garlic Festival mass-shooting and, less […]

Megan Bull

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Ally is a senior marketing student at Boise State University and will graduate in Spring of 2022. Ally independently created a scholarship for women at Boise State studying STEM, Medicine and Law after a Boise State professor said to recruit fewer women in those areas of study. Ally has currently raised over $140,000 on GoFundMe and […]

Ally Orr

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