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Bryce Gaston is a philanthropist with a mission to support survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and trauma. Fighting for equality across all genders and minorities is her passion, and she intertwines this goal in everything she does. She founded Women Empower Women US, a world-wide e-commerce store, in 2018 with a purpose to spread […]

Bryce Gaston

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Dr. Parastoo Jangouk is dual board certified in Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine, as well as being a certified life coach, entrepreneur and founder of MindGutFitMD. She has a particular interest in gut health, brain-gut interaction, gut microbiome, mental fitness, preventative medicine, and lifestyle medicine. Dr. Jangouk incorporates her medical knowledge and coaching skills in promoting […]

Dr. Parastoo Jangouk

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Dr. Laurie Boge is a board-certified emergency medicine physician who trained with the military and deployed to Baghdad to the busiest combat hospital in Iraq. She was one of the only females in her residency class and her deployment, and she was awarded a Bronze Star. Since her military days, she has worked in both […]

Dr. Laurie Boge

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Dr. Susie Sharpe is a board certified internal medicine physician who completed her training at Yale School of Medicine and currently serves as a medical director at her clinic. She additionally is a renowned artist who has been featured in several international exhibitions. Dr. Sharpe’s passion as both a physician and an artist is to […]

Dr. Susie Sharpe

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Bernel Westbrook is the lead designer of Branded by Bernel, a design boutique focusing on collaboration, creativity, and commitment to inspire women developing their brand and website designs. Bernel holds a degree in website development, and she also has a background in fine art. She uses her expertise to blend these two fields to create […]

Bernel Westbrook

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Dr. Alanna Levine is a New York-based pediatrician, mother of two children, and the managing partner at Orangetown Pediatric Associates. She is a spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics and has served as a physician consultant on national broadcast media. She offers consulting services regarding educational videos, media campaigns and product development. Additionally, she […]

Dr. Alanna Levine

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Dr. Erin Presant is a board certified Osteopathic Neurologist and certified Culinary Medicine specialist, where she focuses on empowering people to make healthy choices in their diets and shows them how to do just that in their own kitchens. She is the founder of Medicine of Yum, an online cooking course that not only provides […]

Dr. Erin Presant

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Dr. Robyn Tiger is on a mission to empower physicians with self-care tools backed by science and research. She uniquely combines her 15 years in diagnostic radiology with a certification in yoga therapy, meditation and life coaching through Stress Free MD. Here, you will find her innovative CME accredited courses, private coaching, and podcast. She […]

Dr. Robyn Tiger

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Dr. Carolyn Moyers is Board Certified OBGYN, entrepreneur, podcaster, wife and mom of 4. She is the founder of Sky Women’s Health in Dallas-Fort Worth,  a direct care boutique gynecology and osteopathy (OMT) practice. Her niche is providing solutions for back and pelvic pain in pregnancy and postpartum so that women can enjoy their pregnancy and newborn […]

Dr. Carolyn Moyers

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Dr. Wendy Schofer is a pediatrician and certified life and weight coach, specializing in helping parents who are worried about their children’s weight to create lifelong healthy habits for the whole family. With her program, Family in Focus, instead of focusing on the weight of the individual child, she centers on empowering parents to transform […]

Dr. Wendy Schofer

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